The Art of Japan: Kanazawa
An Exploration of Culture

The Japanese, along with certain well informed travelers, have long known that the city of Kanazawa is home to a strong legacy of artisans, innovative design, unparalleled cuisine, breath-taking nature, and so much more. The Art of Japan: Kanazawa is a web-based magazine that hopes to expand awareness of this unique destination by providing readers with a fresh, engaging approach to art and culture through diverse formats including feature stories, artist interviews, virtual studio tours, essays, and informative links. Our goal is to illustrate the vast range of possibilities Kanazawa and its environs can offer the discerning traveler, and raise awareness of Kanazawa as a thriving center of creativity and culture. To discover Kanazawa is to discover Japan.

The Art of Japan: Kanazawa is the result of a diverse group of artists, designers, writers, and local businesspeople meeting to discuss how they could inform the world at large about their hometown. This core group has connections with nearly every aspect of the arts and culture scene in the area and holds a common goal of sharing that information with the world. Thus, we are pleased to present The Art of Japan: Kanazawa, an inventive web-based magazine illustrating the region’s ancient traditions alongside its modern innovations, covering everything from the evolution of architecture to the eternal chants of local Buddhist temples.

In 2005, the Cooperative Association for Promotion of Kanazawa Kaga Maki-e was formed to let the world know about the incredible traditional crafts still being produced in the Kanazawa area. Nearly seven years later, their original mission has expanded to include a far broader range of media, but their collective passion for this corner of the world remains unchanged. Working with a grant from METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade, & Industry), the CAPKKM initiated The Art of Japan: Kanazawa and its sister project, Discover Kanazawa, which offers art-and-culture-based travel planning.


CEO & Publisher
Kenji Yoshii

Evelyn Teploff-Mugii

Executive Editor
Lauren Scharf

Travel Planner & Contributing Editor
Kimberly Keefe

Photographer & Photo Editor
Gen Minamishima

Web Administrator & Editor
Leah Zoller

Sales & Marketing Officer, Editor
Matthew Savas

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Satsuki Sugaya

Travel Planning Manager
Mimi Iwamoto