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                    Analysis of the technical characteristics of metal plane sealed pneumatic butterfly valves

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                    1 Preface
                    In recent years, with the development of modern industry, the use of butterfly valve has been extended from low-pressure water supply to medium with temperature higher than 538, low to - 184, and pressure from low to high. It is widely used in air separation, chemical industry, metallurgy, sewage treatment and other fields. Moreover, the caliber is bigger and bigger, the performance requirement is higher, and the service life is longer. At present, butterfly valves are mostly rubber and plastic seals, easy to wear and aging, can not reach the equipment continuous operation cycle. Taking air separation as an example, the current air separation equipment based on cryogenic separation principle adopts molecular sieve pre-purification process, the working pressure is 0.5-0.9 mpa, the temperature of the medium varies from 10 to 200, the switching valve uses large temperature difference, large caliber, switching frequently, the rubber sealing ring of the valve is easy to wear and aging, and more. It is also more difficult to change. In view of these conditions, a series of pneumatic butterfly valve series with connecting rod and force type metal plane seal has been developed. This new butterfly valve has been granted a practical patent (Patent No.: zl97224037.3).
                    2 features of metal plane sealed pneumatic butterfly valves
                    (1) using lever type opening and closing structure, the relative sliding between the sealing pairs is very small, and the relative wear is reduced.
                    (2) the actuating mechanism adopts the connecting rod reinforcement mechanism. When the butterfly valve is in the closed state, the driving device can output the maximum torque, and has the self-locking performance, and works safely and reliably.
                    (3) The metal plane sealing structure has strong corrosion resistance and wear resistance, is suitable for high temperature environment, long service life.
                    (4) the key components are optimized so that the total number of valves can be up to 1 x 106 times.
                    (5) The control system of the valve adopts non-contact electromagnetic tongue spring switch, which is not restricted by environmental conditions, and the signal is sensitive and accurate. It can realize remote control, pneumatic control and automatic control. When matching with equipment, it can also realize unmanned operation.
                    3 structure and working principle
                    3.1 lever type opening and closing structure

                    Lever type opening and closing structure. When the butterfly valve closes, the spindle and lever are fastened by a cone pin, rotated counterclockwise around o point, and the lever is driven by a pin with holes to drive the butterfly ab. The butterfly plate is fixed o n the fulcrum n of the lever by a compression spring and rotates with the rotation of the spindle lever. When the upper B of the butterfly plate is all contacted with the sealing surface of the valve body, the sealing is achieved. The opening process is just the opposite. In the process of opening and closing, the relative slippage between the sealing pairs is very small, and the relative wear is reduced. In the closed state for the axial pressure seal, change the traditional external force extrusion seal.
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